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Website Leasing

NowSoft Website Leasing Program

Web Design

Web Design

Web Design can sometimes be expensive and if you are a small business, you may not be able to afford that expense right now. Most business owners do NOT have time to learn how to create their own website.  So many things to know about designing a website and then getting people to come to it.  NowSoft has your back!  We like giving small businesses the same opportunities as that of the larger businesses, no matter who you are!  This is why we offer website leasing as a less expensive option over paying for a entire website all at once. We offer 1,2 & 3 year leasing options. The payments will depend on the size of the website and if you need any custom features included.

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Website Importance

Your website reflects your business. 45% of the business owners in the US don't even have a website.  In today's market, it has been reported that 78% of the internet searches on Google are done through a cell phone. Social Media in some form or another is here to stay!  So much is being done online now days.  Did you know that Amazon in 2018 owned around 52% of the retail business on the internet?  With all of the online activity and technology growing more and more every day, I don't know how anyone can operate without a website?  It is a competitive market and if you do not have a website so you can compete, then your business won't last for the long haul.  Your website is the first opportunity that a person may have to see your business, to get to know your business, and you want that first impression to be a good one....right?  It is "kinda" like the old "Yellow Pages" in the phone books.  Ahhh.... that told my age, didn't  Yeah, every business used to have to put ads in the old phone books way before Google was around.  If your business couldn't afford a Yellow Pages ad, then you had to resort to a plain ole white pages listing, which no one really saw unless they were actually looking for your business.  A website is an advertising, marketing and a cost of doing business expense....period! Got to have it now days if you plan to survive!

Website Costs

Website Cost

How much does a website cost?  No web developer can give you an answer without first asking you a bunch of questions.  That's right....the cost of a website depends.  The cost depends on a lot of things.  What type of website do you want?  What will it be used for?  Will you need other apps integrated into your website?  There are so many things that can affect the end cost to build a website. Besides the cost of the website, you will also have hosting fees.  Domain renewal fees.  SEO fees and the list goes on!  All of these fees are totally necessary for your website to accomplish it's intended goal, to bring you customers!  Your website should draw traffic so people will see your business.  People seeing your website online allows you the opportunity to service those people and win them over as clients so they will keep coming back again and again!  NowSoft can help you with these expenses.  We offer website leasing which has all of these cost built in already. We break it down into one small monthly payment. Interested to see what your cost would be? Contact Us today and we can get you started right away!

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Website Leasing

We have several options for our leasing program.  We have 1,2 and 3 year leases.  We also have leases where you just pay a monthly fee and we automatically upgrade your website and take care of everything for you.  You can add packages or just make it the basic setup, the choices are all up to you.  We try to accommodate all small businesses, so everyone will have an opportunity to enjoy an awesome website. Take a minute to Contact Us today!