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Great Web Design

Starts with web designers who care!

Web design is the heart and soul of our work at NowSoft. We believe that websites are important, and that many businesses are missing a great opportunity to promote their brand with a website that truly works for them. Just about every website we build is custom. We start every design project with a clear set of goals and objectives, and every decision we make is in service to those goals. Successful websites don't have to be huge or expensive, but they must meet the needs of their users. We offer the technical expertise and digital marketing knowledge to help you build a home for your brand online. When we say that "Great Web Design" starts with great web designers, we are talking about web designers who will listen to the customer, offer suggestions, communicate well and complete the project in a timely manner! It doesn't matter whether you have a one-page site or a huge, complex project, we treat everyone the same. A person is a person and all people who need a website should be treated with respect and courtesy. No matter who you are.

The thing that really sets a NowSoft site apart from its competition is our holistic approach to web design. We start with branding and getting to know your customers and your organization before we start working on any designs. Once we start building, we're already planning ahead. We make sure that your site is built to accommodate any future marketing you invest in, whether that's making it SEO-ready or building calls to action for newsletter subscriptions. Solutions-focused design saves you time and money!

NowSoft's Web Design Process

Web Design Process Picture

Our Web Design process is pretty simple. Since Web Design is a very large project in and of itself, we try to keep it as simple and easy as possible. Now there are a few things that everyone needs to know if you have NowSoft design and build you a website:
1) Communication is the top priority. If you do not respond to our emails in a timely manner or if we call you and you don't return our calls for days or even weeks, then designing and building you a website that will show-off your business will be much more difficult!
2) If we ask you for pictures or information and you procrastinate, then you can expect your website to take longer and probably won't be completed on schedule. So, please consider our requests a top priority and your site will be finished in a timely manner. Below are the general steps we take with each client to ensure a complete and awesome website:

  • Initial meeting. This meeting can be over the phone or in person depending on the location of both parties.
  • Discussion about your business and what you want to accomplish with your website.
  • Another discussion about art, colors and other things that will be important to the creation of your website. (If you are creating a "BRAND", then there will be an extensive form to fill out as well.)
  • Once all of the discussion has finished and all parties are in agreement, then NowSoft will send you a binding web design contract. (50% of the cost of the site is due at the beginning and then 50% upon completion.)
  • If you are leasing a website, then there will be a down payment due at the beginning and a monthly payment for the term of the lease which must be paid on time.
  • Construction on the website will begin.
  • We will have lots of discussion as progress is made. We will send you links to look at our progress and let us know if there are any changes you need to make at that time.
  • Once the website is complete, and you have approved the entire website, then the remaining 50% is due before we can make your website live.
  • Once it is live, then we will ask you to test the site and make sure there are no other changes.
  • Work complete!



Web Leasing

Yep, that is right, you can lease a website from NowSoft Solutions. We have both long term leases and short term leases. When cash flow is tight, lease it today!

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W.P. Management

Don't have time to manage your website? Need better protection on your website? Want FREE website changes? Contact NowSoft today, we can help you rest easy!

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