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Case study: Milano Pizzeria

Pizza Promotions

The folks at Milano Pizzeria know good pizza. Their New York style pies are a Tallahassee favorite for a reason. But pizza is a competitive business in a college town, and new restaurants are opening all the time. How can a family-owned restaurant stand out from the crowd and keep customers coming through the door?

After years with the same website, Milano Pizzeria's search rankings were stable and business was good. The local pizza market was changing quickly, though, and we wanted to make sure that our long-time client had a website that kept up with the changing times. The challenge was making sure that a new website would help their search rankings and serve their customers, while representing a beloved local brand.

The Method

Milano Pizzeria Logo

We started the website redesign with some focused research on Milano Pizzeria's customers. Our research uncovered some surprises. We discovered that 75% of their users were using mobile devices to access the website! We also discovered that users weren't spending very long on the website.
Armed with this information, we decided to build a new website that prioritized the needs of mobile users. That meant building a site that was lightning fast, responsive, and had the right information in a convenient and accessible format. A one-page site was the way to go. We simplified the site's navigation, updated the online ordering, and got rid of unnecessary information. Then, we included the right keywords in the right places and improved the page loading speed to give Milano Pizzeria an SEO boost!

The Results

Milano Pizzeria is proof that a website redesign doesn't need to be expensive or complicated to get big results. Sometimes smaller and simpler is the way to go.

140% increase in site traffic
150% more search traffic
22,000 monthly views in search.